25th February 2023

The Essential Guide to Calculating Sample Sizes in Clinical Research and its Significance.Blog Outline:Introduction: What is Sample Size Calculation & Why is it Important for Clinical Research?Sample size calculation is an important part of any clinical research project. It helps researchers determine the amount of data that needs to be collected in order to draw meaningful conclusions from their

19th December 2022

Three Mistakes You Make When Applying Biostatistical MethodsMistake #1 - Neglect calculating representative sample size in your clinical researchThe sample size is one of the most important considerations in a clinical trial. It determines the power of the study and can have a significant impact on the results. In the case of small sample size, it is likely that the study will not be able to detec

12th December 2022

This is an article. It advises you the best practices for debugging your R programming code, when errors are happening or occurCommon Mistakes Wow, what a big mistake, something must have gone wrong or you didn't understand something.Here are some of the most common errors that even seasoned R users make: CapitalizationYou typed a capital letter when you should have typed a lowercase letter (or v

8th December 2022

In some stat 101 syllabus, you will be introduced to the measurements of central tendency and terms like mean, median, and modeyou might also be required to calculate them manuallyToday, let's talk about the mode in real data application and analysisIn summary, a mode is one measure of central tendency. It's the most frequently occurring number in a data set. The mode can be useful as one way to q

8th December 2022

Early career clinical researchers usually celebrates a “significant “result, but … is it really significantwell that’s a big question!In fact , P values are not percentages, which means if you find that a p-value is 0.1, you cannot say "I am 99% confident that my results are due to random chance alone, the p-value itself cant provide an evidenceIt is not about the p-value only, you should