8th December 2022

 Clinical research is a demanding and tedious process. It's very easy to run into a dead-end, and it can be difficult to trace back the cause of the problem.it is very common for us at MARS to receive the after rejection statistical service requestsOften, it's because the researcher blindly replicated the statistical test on their data from a similar publication. they believe that it is the right

8th December 2022

Welcome to the Biostat done for you podcast with Nouran Hamza where I’ll help you to make the most of your clinical research and contribute to informed evidence based decisionsI was just talking to one of our clients, he asked me why there are no details on the normality testing for his regression model !and I believe you might (for example) run a clinical research to find out if blood pressure

5th December 2022

Introduction: What is Biostatistics?Statistics is the branch of mathematics that deals with collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. Biostatistics is a specialized form of statistics that deals with the application of statistical techniques to medical data.The biostatistical analysis is a complex process that requires a lot of expertise in mathematics and statistics. It is used in medical rese

25th October 2022

Introduction: What is Clinical Data?Clinical data is a type of health data that is used to describe the care and treatment of patients. This includes information on diagnosis, procedures, lab reports, medications, allergies and more. Clinical data can be stored in various formats including:- Electronic medical records (EMRs)- Patient charts- Electronic health records (EHRs)- Laboratory information

19th October 2022

IntroductionClinical data management is a field of study that helps clinicians and healthcare professionals to maintain the integrity of patient data.The future of clinical data management is something that we need to think about. The rate at which new technologies are being adopted by the healthcare industry is staggering. This means that the demand for qualified people in this field will only in