Measurement of central tendency: The mode ..... not really!
8th December 2022 By MARS Research Hub

In some stat 101 syllabus, you will be introduced to the measurements of central tendency and terms like mean, median, and mode
you might also be required to calculate them manually
Today, let's talk about the mode in real data application and analysis
In summary, a mode is one measure of central tendency. It's the most frequently occurring number in a data set. The mode can be useful as one way to quickly identify what people see as most important in the data set
However, If your clinical research data includes a few hundred patients and you are for example measuring their systolic BP at baseline and the end of the study, The Mode has no real value in this sense.

It doesn't have any clinical relevance to say the most reported systolic was 140 mmHg as there is a range for the normal systolic that you are neglecting when reporting the mode only

Sometimes the mode can be appreciated when you are having discrete values from ratings or scores, but otherwise, no not really
clinical data have their own beauty, understand them deeply and go save lives