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The Writologist

Medical writing involves writing scientific documents of different types which include regulatory and research-related documents, disease or drug-related educational and promotional literature, publication articles like journal manuscripts and abstracts, content for healthcare websites, health-related magazines or news articles.

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What you will learn

  • Introduction and Overview An overview of the workshop program
  • What is Medical Writing? Overview of the research process, why do we write? Types of medical writing, types of scientif...
  • Overview of a Scientific Paper Purpose of a scientific paper, overview of its structure and organization, the general g...
  • Before You Begin Writing What editors, peers, and reviewers are looking for in a paper before discussing how to write a...
  • Manuscript Sections: The Introduction How to craft an effective introduction section for a specific journal and your ta...
  • Manuscript Sections: The Methods The purpose of the methods section, and the five components (study design and setting,...
  • Manuscript Sections: The Tables & Figures This section of the webinar will highlight important considerations when disp...
  • Manuscript Sections: Results This section highlights ways to explain results effectively, focusing on strategic structu...
  • Manuscript Sections: The Discussion This section discusses the basic elements of the discussion, what should a discussi...
  • Manuscript Sections: The Conclusion In this section we will discuss the purpose of the conclusion section and how to st...
  • Manuscript Sections: The Abstract Components and general guidelines for the abstract write-up
  • Manuscript Sections: Title Page, Keywords, Acknowledgements Elements of a title page, the different styles of titles, c...
  • Manuscript Sections: References Citing the literature, formats for citing references, endnote citation manager program
  • Final Review and Pre-submission strategies Usefulness of pre-submission enquiries when deciding which journal to submit...
  • Write-up of different documents Cover letters, Consent Forms, Conflict of Interest Disclosures
  •  Clinical trial protocol function, description, structure and, regulatory requirements
  • Describe the requirements for and elements of a protocol including the hypothesis, clear and concise objectives, primary...
  • Describe adverse events and serious adverse events and their reporting, depending on type of study and type of intervent...
  • Develop a basic statistical understanding (e.g., qualitative and quantitative data, sample size determination, and inter...
  • Develop protocol amendments: how and when to do it and documentation needed
  • Difference between the clinical trial protocol and the clinical study report
  • Content of a clinical study report
  • Documents I read before writing the clinical study report
  • Tips and Tricks for the clinical study report writing process
  • Informed Consent wriy
  • Investigator brochure
  • Overall revision and wrap up

Course Content

10 sections • 13 lectures • 12h 29m total length
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  • From Zero to Hero



New knowledge and information is constantly being added to the field of science and medicine by an ever-increasing number of research studies, growing clinical experience, and new ideas. All this information needs to be effectively communicated to different audiences, e.g. the physicians/scientists and other healthcare professionals, patients and consumers and drug regulators. Manuscript/medical writing is the discipline of writing scientific documents by qualified “scientific or medical writers”. The writing process requires an understanding of medical concepts and terminology, knowledge of relevant guidelines as regards the structure and contents of specific documents, and good writing skills.


Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this course, participants will be able to develop basic manuscript writing skills and understand the format and content of each section of a paper.


Target Audience:

  • Pharmacists
  • Physicians
  • Scientists
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Investigators and Researchers
  • Employees involved in Clinical Research in Pharma companies, CROs
  • Students of health-related disciplines: Public Health, Faculty of science

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About the Instructor

About the Instructor

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Rania Ibrahim

Dr. Sama is a very professional and talented.

Wesam Abd EL-Tawab Moawad

MARS medical writing course is the most comprehensive and informative course I have attended before Dr.Sama highly professional and talented instructor. really it was great course thank you

Nesma Magdi

What an amazing journey I wished it never stopped. Dr. Samaa was a very powerful and interesting tutor, I hope to thank her in person someday.😊❤️