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This course aims to provide an overview of Health Economics for participants to deal with any aspect pertaining to health ec..

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What you will learn
  • • Describe the environment in which decision-making takes place
  • • Understand the need of PE in decision making
  • • Appreciate the different stake holders involved
  • • Explain the different concepts of value from different perspectives
  • • Define economic evaluation
  • • Describe the different techniques of economic evaluation
  • • Explain how economic evaluation helps to assess efficiency
  • • Explain the main stages in economic evaluation
  • • Describe how economic evaluation can contribute to answering policy questions
  • • Explain different concepts such as value, price, costs, cost drivers….
  • • Know how to measure the costs of an intervention
  • • Be able to calculate the budget impact, cost of illness from different perspectives
  • • Recognize the wide range of outcomes that arise from health interventions
  • • Explain which type of outcome measure is most suitable for use in each type of economic evaluation
  • • Identify different ways of measuring health in economic evaluation
  • • Compare different approaches for valuing health and non-health outcomes
  • • Define and give examples of health outcomes in monetary terms
  • • Introduction to Incremental Cost-effectiveness Ratio (ICER)
  • • Understand the decision rules to determine which intervention should be chosen from among multiple treatment options f...
  • • Explain when and how discounting should be used in pharmacoeconomics.
  • • Understand the difference between inflation and discounting.
  • • Understand methods for Inflation‐adjusted valuation.
  • • Understand how uncertainty in estimates of cost-effectiveness can be quantified and represented.
  • • Understanding types of sensitivity analysis.
  • • Understand which assessments are needed to decide whether there is sufficient evidence to recommend an intervention.
  • • Understand the value-of-information analysis.
  • • Realize the role of decision analytic models in economic evaluation.
  • • Understand the modelling process and the key elements of decision analytic modelling
  • • Understand the role of simulation paradigm in each simulation study
  • • Learn how to choose the most appropriate simulation method
  • • Understand the key elements of decision analytic models
  • • Learn how to implement a model
  • • Understand why we need to conduct a systematic-review of economic evaluation
  • • Recognize the challenges faced by reviewers of economic evaluation
  • • Introduction to a ntools used for literature evaluation: Consolidated Health Economic Evaluation Reporting Standards (...
  • • Example of systematic reviews using CHEERs
  • • Understand the need to transfer economic evaluation results.
  • • Learn how to assess the transferability of economic evaluation